Glen Eagle Pediatric Dentistry


Our Goal at Glen Eagle Pediatric Dentistry is to make every parent feel informed and knowledgeable on what we do in our practice to make your child’s smile shine bright. Below is a list of our services that we use to help you feel comfortable and prepared for your first visit or many visits to come at Glen Eagle Pediatric Dentistry.


Glen Eagle Pediatric Dentistry focuses on prevention of dental problems by educating families about great oral hygiene and a healthy diet.

Age One Visits

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommends children start seeing the dentist when the first tooth appears or around age one, whichever comes first. Early visits to the dentist are shown to decrease a child’s chance of developing cavities.


Cleaning & Exams

Having your child visit us every 6 months for an exam and cleaning is an important part of maintaining great dental health


White Fillings

White fillings can be used to treat many cavities and are more natural looking compared to silver/amalgam fillings. White fillings also no not contain any mercury.



If your child has a cavity on a primary (baby) tooth that is too large to be treated with a white filling, we will discuss the option of placing a crown. On front teeth, we will typically recommend using a white (Zirconia) crown. For back teeth (molars), we will typically recommend a stainless steel (silver) crown.



Sealants are a thin, white coating that can be placed on the chewing surfaces of permanent molars to help reduce the chance dental decay will develop in these cavity prone areas.


Silver Diamine Flouride

If your child has a small area of decay or difficulty having treatment completed, we may discuss the option of placing Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF). SDF can help slow down the growth of cavities to prevent more involved treatment in the future.


Special Healthcare Needs

Providing dental care to infants, children, and teenagers with special healthcare needs is an integral part of the specialty of pediatric dentistry. We treat each of these individuals with the goal of preventing dental diseases, providing guidance to their caregivers, and creating a welcoming environment for the patient and their family.


Emergency Dental Treatment

Fortunately, most pediatric dental problems do not have to be urgently treated. However, our dentists are able to treat a variety of emergency needs including trauma, dental pain, and dental infections. Please call our office for assistance and check out our Q&A section on this website for more information about dental emergencies.

Nitrous Oxide

Often called “laughing gas,” nitrous is administered via a soft breathing mask. It works quickly to mildly calm and sedate the patient, and the affects begin to wear off as soon as the mask is removed.